Jim's Jungle Retreat is a holiday resort in Corbett. There are a myriad ways you can experience, explore and learn about the fascinating Corbett landscape, many without even leaving the comfort of Jim,s Jungle Retreat! With our naturalists on hand to answer your questions and take care of your interests, each foray in to the jungle will reveal something new and exciting during your stay. At other times there is nothing as blissful as relaxing amid the calm and letting the magic

of nature restore you. You are on holiday! Whether you are in the park on a game drive, walking in the neighbouring forests, fishing in the Ramganga or simply lying back at the retreat, you are surrounded by the sights, smells and sounds of this amazing environment, the beauty of the Indian wilderness and all it has to offer.

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We highly recommend an overnight stay in a forest that is as alive in the night as it is in the day, and Corbett is the only tiger reserve in the country that offers an opportunity to live within the forest. Spending a night or two in one of the park lodges provides the most immersive jungle experience and as the jungle,s nocturnal sounds lull you to a restorative sleep, you awaken fresh at dawn to a fever of wildlife activity. A naturalist shall accompany you to help interpret the ways of the jungle. Whereas lodging within the park is spartan, we add elements of luxury with a few modern comforts to make your stay enjoyable.

An intimation of 60 days for weekend bookings and 45 days for weekday bookings would be necessary to facilitate a stay in the park.


Half Day 3-4 hrs Full Day 8-12 hrs

A jeep safari offers you the only opportunity to traverse deep into Corbett National Park; through its hills, streams and dense jungles. The maneuverability of the Jeep enables one to cover large areas of the park, increasing the chance of animal encounters.


The fishing experience

Stay at The Angler's Shack, a tented accommodation high on the bank of the river Ramganga, located a little over an hours drive from Jim's Jungle Retreat. Experience a weekend of angling for the Mahaseer and Goonch, or just enjoy a day of fishing and picnic. Fishing permits are available on prior intimation once caught, the fish you bring ashore has to be returned to its habitat with a catch, click and release policy. Sometimes, otter families can be sighted along the rivers length, while the evenings bring deer and other wildlife to the rivers bank.


Learning about Jim Corbett

Chotti Haldwani is the name given to the land bought by Jim Corbett near his home in Kaladhungi. Together with his sister Maggie, he developed a model Bhabhar village and settled about 40 families on it. The Jim Corbett Heritage Trail managed by the villagers provides a unique firsthand experience of the work done in developing this model Kumaoni village. The trail ends at their home, now converted to a museum.


5-15 kms 1.5-3 hrs

Bicycle through plantation forests of the buffer zone to nearby villages as a local guide informs you about the culture and lifestyle of the indigenous Gujjar people. Enjoy a locally cooked meal with the village folk. Bicycle trips down to the Tumaria wetlands are excellent for sighting migratory birds.


Learning about Jim Corbett

Explore the sights, sounds and smells of the surrounding forests as you trek into the jungle escorted by a trained naturalist. The naturalist introduces you to the jungle ecology, ethno botany, animal's behavioral evidences, and the art of tracking a tiger.

Young Rangers

Experience About Corbett Landscape

The Sitabani reserve forests have been aptly christened ‘Corbett Landscape’ due to its close proximity to the model village set up by Jim Corbett - Choti Haldwani, and the area where he spent ample time roaming the forests. With the Kosi River providing nourishment to this area’s wildlife, the simple settlements and the Sitabani temple offer a unique rural and jungle experience in Corbett.








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